We Are TPP.



Our raw material is cow dung. We are fascinated by this material which most people find disgusting and dirty. Cow dung has unique quality and incredible properties. Everybody knows it is used as a fertilizer but as we develop our project, we keep finding out more and more of its benefits. Manure can be used to build shelter, provide energy and has an artistic value. Dung can be found in abundance, mostly left in the fields where it becomes an environmental threat when releasing green gases into the atmosphere.

We collect the dung of free grazing highlander cows and process it to develop a couple of products / materials.

We started with making beautiful hand made paper. The technique is similar to traditional paper making, only our source of fiber is thoroughly cleaned cow poo. The Poo Paper can be used with natural inks and pencils or even fed into a printer.

We later developed a mixture that can be used either for plastering walls or making building bricks. The result is strong, water proof and significantly lighter then standard bricks.

Our products are biodegradable and can be disposed of in nature, back where they came from, with no harm to the environment. We try to minimize the use of electrical power and use water from near by available natural resources such as lakes and canals. The process requires no use of complex machinery and can be achieved by anyone in any part of the world.