26 june 2010. Shit-A-Brick – First experiments.

The search for the right mixture of cow dung, dirt and water in order to create a simple brick has began.

The first attempt with equal masses proved a failure..


Second mixture had 3 times the ammount of dirt, which seemed a bit too sandy- so for the following mixtures we added more cow dung, and then again more cow dung. The large form (flower pot) is the first brick made and the most sandy one, the cube form is the last one made and the moistest one.

checkingconsistency  waitingtodry  tryingbrickforms

Only thing left to do, is to wait for it all to dry. Soon an update with the resaults.


3rd July – …and we have a BRICK!

After letting our experimental metarial dry for over a week we present you first resaults:

dry_bricks  properbrick

The Bricks suprisingly look strong and solid. First two, where mixture of material was more of dirt then cow dung apear more sandy then the last one where we used more cow dung. Therefore, we go for 3rd option and scale it up to a size of real brick. Next challenge is to produce engough bricks to builid small shed (where we are planning to store more cow-dung for paper factory). In this way we’ll see if the bricks are strong enough to held roof and serve it’s purpose as wall.