14-17 june 2010. Dung paper – First experiments.

Dung collected from local cows (Scotish Highlanders of the Oeverlanden reservation in Amsterdam). Then left to dry in the sun for a couple of days.


The dry dung is then washed and boiled for 5 hours. After draining the water, dung is blended to make the fiber as small as possible.


A frame with net is used to make the sheets. the first try-out turn like dry pieces of flat poo.

homefacility  firstpaper1

using less dung and more water gives better resaults, but the paper is still wrinkly and very dark.

firstpaper3  firstpaper4

finaly adding Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) helps with bleaching and dissinfecting the paper. A primitive pressing technic contribute to a flat and stronger paper. Flowers are added into the mixture for color nuances.

realpaper2  realpaper1

Few try out in the laser printer with the future idea to make natural ink (out of black walnuts) to use in a used inkjet printer and natural dyes (out of vegtables, earth and flowers) to use in silk screening technic.

print3  print5